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Hello, Meet Your Kubernetes Mentor

Kubernetes is a rapidly evolving orchestration platform that has become the de-facto standard for managing containerized workloads. Don’t get left behind! We provide live 1-on-1 Kubernetes Mentoring, Training and Support.









getting started

Are You Looking to Dive Into Kubernetes?

Hands on, let us show you rather than tell you..

We use a no-nonsense, zero abstractions practical approach to getting you to speed. We have over 50+ “k8 by example” repositories to get you up and running without helm or some super secret sauce. By learning how to manually interact with Kubernetes Objects you will have a strong foundation to continue on your journey.

Our team is Battlefield Tested, Certified & Proven

kubernetes mentoring

Are you the do it yourself type? We hear ya and want to help! Ping us when you get stuck, need some explanation or want to spin up a new micro-service.

kubernetes training

Learn how to effectively manage the kubernetes lifecycle by example. With a hands on approach you will get up to speed in a matter of a couple of weeks.

kubernetes management

Want to leverage Kubernetes without the manual labor? Let us manage your Kubernetes Deployment. Security, Monitoring & CI/CD is included!

Multiple Environments, Cross-Cloud Support

We have made an art out of managing Kubernetes Engine deployed across multiple cloud providers and on-premise.

With the lack of adequate tooling in todays landscape let us show you the best practices and procedures for keeping your infrastructure up and running.

Our Experts

We’re a team of four strong making ourselves available at your disposal any day, any time!

Matthew Davis

Founder, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Senior Software Architect

Thomas Adams

Kubernetes Expert, Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Jessica Bader

Kubernetes Controller Developer, Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Brad Jarret

Kubernetes Export, Certified Kubernetes Administrator




years of experience

What Our Clients are Saying

“We had two months to migrate our monolith architecture spanning over 50 dedicated servers to Kubernetes. Matthew was there when we needed him! Definitely keeping him in our toolbox.”

Jeff Macy

CEO of Extra Space

“Leveraging the k8.coach team for emergency remediations keeps our seven globally positioned Kubernetes Clusters up and running. They implemented a monitoring stack for us that us priceless.”

Christopher Hopkins

Architect for Monarch Inc.

Need a hand? Drop us a line, we’ll pick up!

We’re available 24x7 and ready for a remote hands-on crisis remediation
or just a quick pow wow & we do not charge for assessments 🙂

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